5 dic. 2011

Anthony Bourdain : On Omelets

Everyone should be able to make an omelet. Egg cookery is as good a beginning as any, as it’s the first meal of the day, and because the process of learning to make an omelet is, I believe, not just a technique but a builder of character. One learns, necessarily, to be gentle when acquiring omelet skills: a certain measure of sensitivity is needed to discern what’s going on in your pan—and what to do about it.

I have long believed that it is only right and appropriate that before one sleeps with someone, one should be able —if called upon to do so— to make them a proper omelet in the morning. Surely that kind of civility and selflessness would be both good manners and good for the world.

Perhaps omelet skills should be learned at the same time you learn to fuck. Perhaps there should be an unspoken agreement that in the event of loss of virginity, the more experienced of the partners should, afterward, make the other an omelet —passing along the skill at an important and presumably memorable moment.

-- Anthony Bourdain, "Medium Raw"

2 comentarios:

José Luis dijo...

Sensacional texto.

No soy fan de los canales de cocina, y a Bourdain lo tenía por nombre y referencias, pero nunca lo había visto... ni leído.

A fan is born.


Victor dijo...

Coincido, Bourdain es un capo como se autoinventó como producto, el programa es muy bueno y los libros también.